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oil and gas pipeline analysis
Tom Mitchell Associates is a pioneer in developing GIS based analyses for oil and gas pipelines to meet the requirements of 49CFR195.450.  Through this experience, we have developed a partnership with a company specializing in such analyses as well as with integrity assessment and management of oil and gas pipelines.

Together, we offer the following services:
  • pipeline digitization
  • development of a GIS database for the pipeline including digitizing such features as homes, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, theatres, parks, and other gathering places within influence zones of pipelines
  • a full suite of analyses to meet requirements of 49CFR195.450
  • assessment of current integrity issues and concerns
  • development of a complete pipeline integrity management system
  • software for managing pipeline integrity
  • development of a complete, GIS supported system for management of pipelines and their integrity.

Contact us today.  We can provide the tools and answers you
                                 need to manage your pipeline.