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analytical analyses
Tom Mitchell Associates provides expert assistance in a range of analytical analyses including selecting the appropriate analysis, model building, running analyses and interpreting results.

Analytical analysis expertise includes:

 Operations Research
  • Timber harvest scheduling and forest planning
  • Linear, Goal and Dynamic Programming
  • Baysian Decision Theory
  • Queueing Theory
  • Network Analysis
  GIS Models
  • Fire Hazard/Fire Spread
  • Insect and Disease
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Site Quality/Habitat Type Mapping
  • Ecosystem Development over time
  • Hydrological. Infiltration, Run-off, and Soil Loss
  • Cascading watershed models
  • Network Analysis
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Hazard Analysis
  • Telecom/Fiber Optic Operations
 Economic Input/Output Modeling
 Difference and Differential Equation based simulation models for aquatic
   and terrestrial ecosystems.

Contact  us today.  We can help you be an analytical success.