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forest ecosystem planning
Tom Mitchell Associates has assisted forest managers, planners, and planning teams in all facets of forest ecosystem planning including meeting the requirements of the National Forest Management Act of 1976 and 36CFR219 for over 25 years.  

Maintaining the viability of forest ecosystems requires planning and not just quick responses to existing problems, targets, and pressures.

We provide:
  • training in every facet of planning and ecosystem analysis
  • development of GIS and resource information systems to support planning
  • assistance in public involvement and collaborative planning
  • development and use of analytical tools including SPECTRUM and other timber harvest scheduling models
  • economic and social impact assessments
  • full interdisciplinary teams to create forest ecosystem plans
  • document preparation for the Plan and its accompanying environmental analyses
  • assistance in reviewing and commenting on Forest Plans and associated analyses.
We also provide white papers to stimulate thought and discussion regarding forest ecosystem planning, including:Contact  us today.  We can help you create a better plan.