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Tom Mitchell Associates has a long history of developing applications and assisting clients in acquiring full value from their GIS investments.

We specialize in developing applications for the full range of products from ESRI with experience including:
  • time based forest ecosystem development models
  • habitat models for over 500 species of wildlife
  • site quality models for timber
  • fire hazard and rate of spread models
  • forest insect and disease hazard rating models
  • hazard and spread analysis for oil and gas pipelines
  • watershed models including soil loss, infiltration and run-off
  • watershed prioritization using both physical/natural resource and socio-economic factors for ranking of watersheds
  • specialized graphics for labeling results of soil samples
  • telecom applications including those necessary for provisioning new clients as well as management of fiber optic networks
  • internet map server applications of inter and intra nets
Beyond GIS applications, we provide:
  • GIS training from basic levels up through development of applications
  • assistance in organizing a GIS effort
  • design of relational databases linked to and/or part of a GIS database
  • image analysis applications for building GIS coverages.
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